The concept of human rights as it relates to the government and to international organizations, as well as some small-scale organizations, is one that is debated immensely both among these government systems and organizations. This is due to the fact that the state and the organizations that are separate from the state, including international organizations, NGOs, and activists, each play different roles in the protection of human rights, and their individual impacts are often interrelated. …

Donald Trump’s victory in the 2016 Presidential Election is proof for the idea that American people often care about their racist, sexist, homophobic, and xenophobic views more than financial status and elitism. Lower-middle class white people from all over the nation voted for Trump in 2016 and the margin grew even larger in the 2020 presidential election. But how do these people relate to their beloved president at all? They have virtually nothing in common with a billionaire like Trump, especially when he actively chooses to only support the wealthy through executive action. However, there is some commonality and it can be found in the hatred and bigotry that millions of people from Middle America share with Trump. Essentially, Trump hates the same groups of people that they hate. Middle America was waiting for someone like Trump to take office. They were tired of having a Commander-in-Chief that condemned white supremacy and supported the flourishing of equality. This is why Republican presidential nominees such as John McCain and Mitt Romney could not win the presidential elections in 2012 and 2016, respectively. They simply were not hateful enough to garner so much support. While John McCain urged his supporters not to criticize Barack Obama for the color of his skin, Donald Trump made the effort to spread racist lies about Obama that his supporters were manipulated into believing. Trump is the epitome of what Middle America wants in a president and he exploits that to the fullest extent by openly upholding their hatred and engaging in the hatred himself. He knows that denouncing any notion of white supremacy and other forms of hatred will cause him to lose supporters and in turn, his supporters are motivated to continue their hatred of other people. So even though Joe Biden is now our sitting Commander-in-chief, it is important to recognize the grim reality of political and social polarization, as we live in a country where politics is fueled by hate and hate is fueled by politics.

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The day before Nora entered pre-school, her father took her to an orientation party so that she could get to know her very first classmates. They lived in Jamaica, Queens at the time– a neighborhood in New York City that was split by a South Asian community on one side and a Black community on the other side. When they got home later that day, her father– a South Asian man– specifically told her not to engage with the black children in her class because he thought that they would be a bad influence on her. “Don’t talk to them…

Fawziyah Shamim

Just a college student with a love for words.

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